About Noon
What colour are you?
With lightings in 200 different colours, Noon offers a whole new freedom of choice in the lighting industry.
Instead of a few colors, it offers unprecedented color flexibility. Even the textile cables are available in a variety of colors, in addition to suspension wires in different metallic colors.
Together with other designers, Noon, under the artistic direction of Alexander Lervik, will offer lighting for both the home and public spaces. The diversity of expression and the focus on good design guarantees both timeless classic forms and experimentally expressive light art.

A Scandinavian design language meets international influences, with the possibility to accentuate any type of interior with a free choice of colour.
As a brand new company in the lighting industry, Noon is able to offer the very latest technical solutions with a truly circular production process.

The painting of our lightings is done in close cooperation with the furniture manufacturer Johanson Design AB.